Sarah, 19 y.o Sweden.
I'm in recovery for borderline personality disorder and i'm fully recovered from both anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

My biggest dream is to reach out about mental illness and to help those who lives in pain and need support/help.
If also have a blog if you want to follow my everyday-life and know more about me. There is a translation gadget for you who don't understand Swedish
CLICK HERE to get to my blog.♥

♥ Click on Mental illness/support to read more about me.

I also have a blog if you want to follow my life! There is a translation gadet for you who don't understand Swedish.
♥I'm a vegan, i love music, creativity, inspirations, Marilyn Manson, writing and photographing.
♥My BIGGEST dream is to help and support people that wants or needs it. I want to tell you all that you're not alone and even if i'm a stranger to you, i will be a person who wont judge you at all.

Feel free to contact me, I'm available 24/7, If you need support, have questions or just want someone to talk to I promise privatley answers in my tumblr-inbox if that's needed.

Kik - sarahhsarve
Email -

Wondering something? ♥Pictures of me ♥Mental illness&support ♥Me&My thoughts♥Archive

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